Pet Door

A door for your dog and cat help them to have complete freedom in the house. It is great for pet owner who sleep with their pooch, as you do not have to worry about them being hungry, thirsty or having the need to use the toilet.

We have a variety of pet doors sizes, from small to large for your pooch. Also, there are many factors you would need to consider before getting the door. Below are some of the factors to consider.

  • Pooch Size
  • Pooch Strength
  • Pooch Height
  • Worry that your pooch do not know how to use the door?

We also provide specific customization to the dog door to cater the needs of your dog height, size and level of activeness. Therefore ensuring that it will be safe and easy for him to pass through the door!

Why Us?

We are a team of dog door installation specialist and can cater to the needs of your dog so as to ensure a fun and creative experience for your pooch when using the door.

Worry about how your dog is going to use the door? Fret not! with our professional dog trainer partners from Canine Cities who has over a decade of dog training experience, they will patiently teach your dog how use the door properly while keeping it a fun activity for your pooch and your family!


Cat Flap :$200 (Can be use for Toy size dog e.g Chihuahua)

Small / Medium Dog Door: $250

Large Dog Door: $300

Additional: $30 for odd shape door

** Can be installed on your existing door, no replacement or remove existing door needed.