Our happy friend learning to use his own door!

Our Happy Friends Now Has Her Own Door!

We have the privilege to install our pets cities door for Charcoal! Hope you enjoy your new door! 

Introducing our partners

We are proud to introduce our partners, firstly Canine Cities. Canine Cities is a dog training community in Singapore and their goal is to make our country a dog loving place by making dogs a pleasure to be with. They understand for people to accept dogs, they need to educate dog owners and train dogs to adapt to every human environment.

Check out their video

With their experience in our partnership they will play a big role on analyzing the practically usage of our up coming products.

Secondly, Toilet Train Your Puppy. The very first thing to teach your puppy is toilet training and these people from Toilet Train Your Puppy are experts in what they are doing. With their specialty we can have an expert in practical usage on the products too.

Check out their video